Fred Snow





Philanthropist, Composer,

Public Speaker, Gentleman, Scoundrel,

Shamanic Conduit (part-time).



The "Left My Shoe in a Strip Club" music video only went and won a bloody award, in the studied opinion of the Audio Shoot Festival!

See the video below as proof Rich Rose can do improbable things on an S7 smartphone. And because you love the tune, and i gotta pay the record label for... ahem... "expenses", download the Audio Track here.

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Only the reckless few have drunk from the original tea mug 'acquired' in Cardiff during the 1980s. Actual History.

Live Performances

Every month, exclusively  with the band, at ORIOLE BAR (London). Click on the Oriole Bar icon for information and curatives:


Live on the Radio

Every 1st Thursday, live radio frolics with the NUDE ROMANTICS. Click on the extreme weather warning below and find out what happens in the absence of decency and broadcasting standards:

Nude Romantics wrong Snow poster 01.jpg

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"Music. We're listening."